Dittha Saab - March 26, 2016

In the last episode of Dittha Saab, Fulmaya brings a new girl for Dittha for him to marry, but Dittha instead said that he would like to marry Fulmaya. Dittha Saab - March 26, 2016

Dittha Saab - March 26, 2016. This show is called Dittha Sab, that airs on Kantipur TV every Friday. This is another comedy show that really gives its viewer a laughter, and you must see this show in order to understand how funny this TV show can be.
Recently, Pancha Narayan and Narayan Baje found out that their daughter and son got married secretly, what happens next is interesting. This episode starts with Pancha Narayan, his brother and his son talking about Chokho Maya and Dambare. He is saying that it doesn’t matter than his daughter married with Dambare, but he don’t is worried that he has to say “Samdhi” to Narayan Baje.