Nepali Movie - Deuta

Nepali movie - Deuta
Director: Tulsi Ghimire
Starring: Rajesh Hamal, Shrawan Ghimire, Srijana Basnet

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Deuta (देउता) (English name: God) is a 1991 Nepali movie written and directed by Tulsi Ghimire. This movie starred Rajesh Hamal, Shrawan Ghimire and Srijana Basnet in lead roles. Many Rajesh Hamal's fans consider the performance by Rajesh Hamal in this movie his career best.
The film starts with the marriage discussion of Srijana (played by Srijana Basnet), an amateur painter with her father (played by Tulsi ghimire). Srijana doesn't to marry the only son of her father's business partner. Instead she wants to learn some more painting and go to visit her aunt in a remote village. Where she meet Sonam (played by Shrawan Ghimire) and Shankar (Rajesh hamal). Then a love triangle starts among the three and flows the course of time.